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Yesterday I went to watch Vol 2 with my sister and a friend (my sister and I had seen it before; our friend hadn't) and boy, it was even better the second time around. Still hilarious, still pretty (seriously, the costumes and effects and set designs are all so over-the-top gorgeous), and still wonderfully, unexpectedly sad. I didn't pay much attention to Yondu in GOTG; now his relationship with Peter (and Rocket and Groot) is all I can think about.

Spoilers under the cut.

Other Stuff:

Gamora and Baby Groot: I could have done with about a billion more scenes featuring just them. :) I'm really happy that they chose to make Groot an actual baby, not a shrunken version of his adult (tree?) self, and it's so obvious that Gamora is is adopted big sister/mom. He clearly means the world to her, and especially when you compare it with her...rocky...relationship with her other siblings--UGH. It was pretty much perfect.

Gamora and Nebula: Heartbreaking and funny and actually not all that far away from how sisters can treat each other sometimes. Their resentment and rivalry felt very real, but so did their eventual reconciliation.

Nebula and Kraglin: Is this a ship yet? I thought they were adorable.

Nebula and Yondu: Okay, they share exactly one scene, but I think a little more interaction between these two would have been hilarious.

Mantis and Drax: I'd read an article that called their relationship "problematic" and while I totally get that, I think it's sort of the point. Mantis apparently reminds Drax of his dead daughter; it makes sense that he'd want to drive her away. I love her innocent acceptance of him, and I love how protective he becomes of her.

Rocket and Yondu: I'm seeing a lot of Peter and Yondu fics, which is fantastic, but I'd also love a few more that explore Rocket's relationship with Yondu. I loved how the film makes sure to point out how similar they are, and how, in the end, Yondu pushes Rocket to be a better person/raccoon. They're also both dads, in a sense--it was great to see how patient they were with Baby Groot when he was trying to find the prototype fin. So, yeah, I adored them, and more Rocket and Yondu fics, please!

Peter and Gamora: Still pretty slow-burn. I didn't mind. :)

Ego: A pretty good candidate for Worst Father of the Year, not to mention Worst Boyfriend of the Year. Some of his earlier scenes were very funny, though. He has all of Peter's charm and none of his goodness.

Meredith Quill: Too Good For This Sinful Earth.

Peter and Yondu: The relationship that broke me. I'm a real sucker for angsty parent/child relationships and big screwed up families, so this one is obviously right up my alley. In some ways Yondu was a pretty terrible parent, but I can't help thinking that at least some of that was because he was sold as a baby and raised as a Kree battle slave for twenty years. Get out of there and tell me your idea of what makes a good father figure wouldn't be screwed up. It doesn't excuse him, but it's interesting to think about.

Overall: Loved it, loved it, loved it. If you like crazy space hijinks and dysfunctional families who are doing their best, you probably will, too.

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