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So, I just got back from the theater and should wait until my thoughts have settled enough for me to write an actual review, BUT...Spider-Man: Homecoming was precious and adorable and so fresh and innocent and fun and good. Just a solid, hilarious, well-made movie. I've got to admit that it didn't quite knock GOTG Vol 2 down from its spot as my ultimate favorite Marvel film, but it absolutely lived up to the hype.

  • I could have done with a little more development for Peter and Tony's relationship, but overall? Sweet, funny, and the perfect amount of awkward. Tony doing his best to be some sort of mentor/father figure warmed my heart, but also made me crack up more than once. Peter idolizes him, and even though Tony doesn't know quite how to handle it, he does his best. You can't ask for much more than that.
  • May was the best aunt anyone could ask for. 
  • Adrian Toomes was great. He reminded me just the tiniest bit of Wilson Fisk from Daredevil, in that his motivations are understandable, at least until he goes completely off the deep end. He and Peter ended up developing a very interesting dynamic ("relationship" isn't quite the right word at this point) that I'd love to see more of.
  • Speaking of interesting dynamics, I wasn't expecting much interaction between Peter and Happy Hogan (though it makes complete sense, considering how much Happy does for Tony). There's a lot of it, though, and it's hysterical. Happy gives off a very pissed-off uncle type of vibe through most of the movie, with Peter being the hyperactive, overconfident nephew. I loved it.
  • I loved everything about Peter's school, from the decathlon team to the "Captain America Fitness Challenge" to the fact that it looks like an actual school, filled with tiny, awkward, scraggly teenagers, or at least adults who still look like tiny, awkward, scraggly teenagers. Tom Holland is the first Spider-Man who's convincing as a high school student--maybe not quite as a fifteen-year-old high school student, but he still pulled it off incredibly well. I hate the phrase "youthful energy" with a passion, but that's what he has: a whole ton of youthful energy. It made his version of Peter that much more believable.

In other news, I've had a lot of fun stuff going on this week, with not much time left over for writing. I'll hopefully get back on track either this weekend or next week, at the very latest; I'm absolutely aching to work on the fourth girl!Peter fic, and my Defenders Big Bang fic (which is due at the end of this month) needs some serious work.


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