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Oct. 2nd, 2017 08:01 pm
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Okay, here are all the fics I've finished since...late August, maybe? For some reason I promised myself that I wouldn't post them here until I had my monster of a work-in-progress (the fourth girl!Peter fic) finished. Well, it's finished now, and here are the fics. 

Title: I Don't Wanna Know Your Name
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy
Rating: Teen & Up
Relationships: Peter Quill & Yondu Udonta, Peter Quill & Kraglin Obfonteri, Peter Quill & Tullk
Summary: Pete's no beauty, but she's got a pocket full of credits and a past full of kick-ass stories and a damn good sense of humor. What more does it take to score a hookup in this lousy city?

Probably the darkest fic in the girl!Peter verse, up to this point, anyway--which wasn't what I'd intended to write. But I do love what I came up with, even though it's a little overlong and muddy in the middle. Lots of angst, lots of father-daughter conflict, and lots of loving but screwed-up relationships. 

Title: So Come on Home
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy
Rating: Teen & Up
Relationships: Peter Quill & Yondu Udonta
Summary: Escape isn’t something that just happens. When your chance comes, you’ve got to be ready to reach out and snatch it.

Five times Pete could have escaped. 

You can read this one either before or after I Don't Wanna Know Your Name; I wrote in between chapters because I needed an emotional palate cleanser. This is the fic with one of my very favorite Pete and Yondu bonding moments so far, and I'm pretty proud that I somehow got it under 3,000 words. 

Title: There's a Light Yet to Be Found
Fandom:  The Magnificent Seven (2016)
Rating: Teen & Up
Relationships:  Emma Cullen & Jack Horne, past Emma Cullen/Matthew Cullen
Summary: A part of each of them scares her, from Faraday’s wandering eyes to Chisolm’s quiet, implacable anger. When all’s said and done, though, the man standing next to her now is the one who truly frightens Emma, for reasons she can’t begin to explain. Least of all to herself.
Post-battle, Emma finds comfort where she least expects it. 

Pretty small fic in a pretty small fandom, but I adore both of these characters and had so much fun writing in Emma's voice, or at least what I imagined Emma's voice might sound like. Her story ended up having a lot to do with grief, anger, and moving on; it's also my first fic in a non-Marvel-related fandom, which I only just realized now. Huh.

You can probably gather from this that fanfic's been going strong, and original fic...not so much. At all. I'll try to post about that (without getting too whiny or repetitive) soon. 
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Yesterday Google's fall equinox doodle warmed me to the bottom of my Beatrix-Potter-loving, Brambly-Hedge-obsessed heart. Too bad the weather around here hasn't changed since August. It is supposed to cool down a little some time next week (or is it the week after next week?), though, so there's that. 

Today I also headed over to the library for the first time since classes started. Checked out The Likeness by Tana French and Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati; realistically I might not have the time to finish either of them but I'd like to at least give The Likeness my best shot. It's one of the two Dublin Murder Squad books that I haven't read yet, and the one with the strangest (in the best way) plot. Plus, I've been dying for some non-assigned reading since Monday. Fourth week of the semester is when things start to get seriously stressful--I did sneak some writing in, anyway, but I've fallen totally off the wagon when it comes to reading.

Speaking of writing, I'm going to do my level best to finish the latest Pete fic this weekend. I've got...maybe four or so pages to go? Not completely sure, but I'm down to the final stretch and everyone's been so sweet and patient and I just need to get this thing done. And then move on to the story. Even if I don't finish it, I'd like to at least get the bulk of the last major scene done so I'll only have a few loose ends to tie up come Monday. 

The only other even slightly interesting thing I did this week was baking London Fog shortbread. I used this recipe and bypassed a couple steps (didn't bother chilling the cookies once I'd cut them out) but they turned out very good. I'm not a huge fan of Earl Gray on its own, but I love it in shortbread. So I spent Friday evening baking shortbread, then eating shortbread in front of Call the Midwife with my sister. Not a bad way to start the weekend. 

And, last but not least, we finally have a trailer for The Punisher! I'm trying to stay a little skeptical, just so I won't build it up to some impossible ideal, especially when it comes to Frank and Karen...but I'm so, so excited. I hope this ends up being good. I really do. 
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(Quick note before I start blabbing about myself: through the semester I'll try to keep up with everybody else's entries and comment as much as I can, but it's likely going to get spotty, especially around midterms and finals.)

Almost halfway through another week. I've had to shelve the beginning of another potential fic project because I just don't have the time to launch into many more big, involved stories. This one was going to be a sort of romcommy no-powers AU for The Defenders, specifically focused on Matt and Jess and the whole couple-must-move-in-together-to-raise-a-baby trope, which is the best romcom trope in the history of romcoms. Needless to say, I'm sad to see it go, but I also wasn't as invested in this AU as I am in others. For now it seemed like the best decision. I'm already missing summer and the gobs of free time I had. I don't hate writing for a grade, but it's not the same.

Okay, enough whining. Here's what's going on with the two AUs I am still working on, in case anyone's interested:

girl!Peter )

Witchcraft AU )


Something Original )
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Fall semester's here and I'm going to DIE. Maybe. Every day I feel a little better; still overwhelmed, but more used to being overwhelmed, I guess. One of the best things about college is that all the practicum/field work requirements force me to get comfortable with always being a little bit uncomfortable. 

No surprise, but writing's been going slowly, and non-assigned reading is going even more slowly. I did finally crack the cover of Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero and finished it in one sitting. The artwork was nice, and the story was decent, but I was hoping for something with a little more depth, and considering how could Pacific Rim was about this, I was kind of disappointing when I got to the standard fanservice-y woman-almost-completely-naked panel. Not outraged or anything, but...come on, book. You can do better than this. That being said, both Tendo and Stacker's backstories were great; I wish they'd been given a little more space and detail. 

The other book I finished (I started a few weeks before the semester began) was a collection of West Virginian ghost stories. Very good and genuinely creepy in parts, especially in the "Weird Creatures" section (There's one story especially, apparently about the narrator's grandmother, that made me shudder: basically, she was riding home one night and was chased most of the way back by a "pure white" something with "razor-sharp teeth" that "screamed like a woman in terrible agony". Uggggh.) Got to admit that, all and all, I liked this book--it's called The Telltale Lilac Bush--a lot better than Tales from Year Zero
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Last week I started working on an original short story, and yesterday I quit working on it. Not that what I'd written was bad--they're a few parts that I happen to like a lot--but there just wasn't enough there to keep it going. Spark, heart, whatever you want to call it. For that reason I'm not upset that I abandoned it...I'm more upset with myself, because I know why I tried to write something I didn't even want to write in the first place: as much as I love writing fanfic, I never feel like it's enough. I really wish I did.
Whining ahead. )
Welp, this turned out to be less "Thoughts on Unfinished Things" and more "Thoughts on My All-Consuming Anxiety", which I'm sure will be an uplifting and compelling read. Ugh. But it's out of my head now, at least for a little while, and that can only be a good thing.
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It passed over us around 3:00. Outside it got very dim, but not completely dark, and since I didn't buy a pair of those special glasses (not that I could have; they're apparently all sold out 'round these parts) I didn't see much. Oh well. That's what photos are for. I'll probably take a look at and/or reblog some of those, then make myself tea and work on fic. 
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For some reason I never got the memo (or else got it then completely forgot) that The Defenders is a miniseries and only eight episodes long. I'm not complaining--it made blowing through the entire thing in two days that much easier. In the end I'm glad that I didn't hype myself up too much for this show, since it's nowhere near as much of an emotional gut punch as Daredevil or Jessica Jones. That's not to say it isn't good, though, and that's definitely not to say that it isn't fun--watching all the banter, eye-rolling, and awkward maybe-found-family-ness was an absolute joy.
Some spoilers )

The only other thing I did a lot of this weekend was reading. I've been on a YA kick lately and just finished The Carnival at Bray by Jessie Ann Foley. Now I'm a quarter of the way through the first book in the Monstrumologist series. The first time I read these books (the first three, anyway; I still haven't worked up the courage to read the last book) I adored them. Now my feelings are a little more complicated, especially towards one of the main characters. The first time around I was on a major Sherlock kick, and the Monstrumologist is similar, personality-wise, toward Sherlock, so I was quick to forgive all the parts of his personality that, a few years down the road and one major Sherlock disenchantment later, aren't quite as funny or charming. I do think that these books get how terrible he can be in a way that Sherlock (so far, anyway) never has. It's been an interesting reread.  

Oh, yeah, one last thing--I finally sat down and ordered my textbooks today (classes start in exactly one week). I had barely anything to buy compared to last semester. Since I bought all the books used, the bill wasn't too bad...and then I realized I've gotten to the point where paying over eighty dollars for three used books feels like a bargain. Oh well. It is what it is.

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"I'd love to cook up a more in-depth post about my influences and process while writing it," she said. "You can expect that tomorrow or the day after," she said. 

...Yeah. That didn't happen. Partly because I got up the next morning and wondered if I really had much to say about the fic after all, and partly because I'd written enough (and the bulk of it very quickly) to start feeling sick of this particular AU. After a few more days, though, I decided that I did have things to say. Quite possibly things that only I'm interested in, but hey. It'll be nice to have them written out and stored somewhere.

Okay, so. Let's begin with inspirations and/or influences. I know I'd been kicking the idea of a Hope Shlottman Lives AU around for a while before these, but two things jump-started my inspiration. One was the Defenders Big Bang challenge, which I came across on Tumblr and thought looked cool. Also, I felt like Hope's story had enough scope to clear the 10,000 word requirement (though I was dumb enough to assume it probably wouldn't go over). The second thing was an Adele song-- "Sweetest Devotion", specifically, I think, the lyrics "I wasn't ready then, I'm ready now/I'm heading straight for you" (plus it's all about a mother's love for her child, but I hadn't figured out the ending to Hope's story yet). After signing up for the big bang I wrote two false starts before coming up with a beginning that stuck--Hope spotting Daredevil on a rooftop. And then everything was hunky-dory...until I hit chapter 2 (which wasn't chapter 2 at that point; I didn't split the story into chapters until the second draft). 

Around chapter 2 I stopped writing and didn't pick the story up again for a month. It wasn't that I didn't like the story anymore. I'd just stopped thinking it was any good. Halfway through July I decided that I should at least put in a good faith effort to finish it. I really, really didn't want to write it, but I did want to have something to post come August. I wrote 500 words a day until two days before the final deadline, when I wrote about 3,000 words in one day and another 3,000 or so the next. None of those last few ending scenes are examples of my most polished writing, but they do include some of the most emotional stuff I've ever written, and I'm very proud of them. And, as much as I dreaded getting started again, once I settled into the routine of writing a bit every day, Hope's story flowed pretty well. Not perfectly, but finishing things up never felt like pulling teeth. It was even fun. 

Lesson learned, I guess, is that taking breaks--even extended breaks--from a story doesn't mean you'll never come back to it. It also doesn't mean (at least for me) that you'll lose the thread of the story. Coming back to Hope's fic, I had a little more perspective, and a bit of a better grasp on the emotional core. After I finished the first draft and picked a posting date, I had just enough time to do a (slapdash) second draft, where I cleaned up some of the most awkward sentences, added chapter breaks, and rewrote the middle to include more action scenes. This story isn't perfect. It is finished, though, and full of so many things I love--female friendship, creepy dream sequences, found families. For a while there I was sure it would suck, but (all thanks to the big bang deadlines) I pushed through, and on the other side I can see that, while it won't ever be my most polished or most popular fic, it's one I love to pieces. 

Oh, yeah, since I started off promising to talk about my inspirations and influences, then segued into something completely different, here's the list:
  • Music-wise, my biggest inspirations were Halsey and Adele. For Halsey it was mostly her song "Roman Holiday", though I also listened to "Hurricane". Both of these songs are about New York City, and they have a gritty, seedy quality to them that captures a very Jessica-Jones-ish spirit. For Adele it was "Sweetest Devotion", which semi-pertains to the plot, and "Water Under the Bridge", "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)", and "When We Were Young", which don't. They did help put me in the mood to write, though. 
  • Jessica Jones, obviously. I had a feeling from the get-go that Hope wouldn't make it, but her interactions with Jessica left me hoping (hah) that she wouldn't. There's a sense that Hope's one of the few (and maybe even only) people who truly gets Jessica's pain and trauma. The show's not from her point of view, so I didn't get to spend any time in her head until I wrote the fic. It wasn't until I'd started writing after the month-long break that I realized how much I'd wanted to do that. 
  • The idea that you can move past trauma without ever quite getting over it. Also the idea that there's a kind of strength in allowing yourself to be weak--in letting other people help you. I didn't work either of those ideas in as well as I'd like to, but I did what I could with the time I had. 
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A moodboard for my girl!Peter series of fics, to be specific. I've been dealing with some writing-related anxiety lately, and even though I'm sure this collage isn't expert-level quality or anything, making it provided a nice distraction. Plus, it was fun.

Thing under the cut )
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Title: 'Till Our Wide Eyes Burn Blind
Fandoms: Jessica Jones, Daredevil
Rating: Mature
Relationships: Jessica Jones & Hope Shlottman, Matt Murdock & Hope Shlottman
Summary: Jessica’s hand curls into a fist. “It wasn’t my fault,” she says, very low and very, very hard. “You blame it on me and I swear to God—“
“My brother thinks I’m dead. My aunt’s paying me a couple hundred bucks a month to keep it that way.”
Jessica’s fist uncurls. Her eyes stay hard. 
Hope’s almost enjoying this, spewing all the boiling bitter ugliness no amount of therapy, meds, or schnapps can fix, but her next words make her want to spit. 
“I’m your problem now.”

Though this fic put me through the ringer, it's the longest piece of work I've done in...well, in a long time, and one of the stories I'm most proud of. I'd love to cook up a more in-depth post about my influences and process while writing it, so you can expect that tomorrow or the day after. For now I think I'll just go ahead and collapse.  
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I'm still finishing up the last of the edits on the big bang fic, so here are some quick and dirty fic recs:

Five Times
by Davechicken: (GOTG) This one's been bookmarked on my AO3 profile for a while now. I can't believe I haven't mentioned it here before, because it has some of the best Peter-and-Yondu-related angst I've ever read. Period. It's also under 1,000 words, so if you're looking for a quick but heartwarming/heartbreaking read, I can't recommend it enough. 

Experiential Learning by significantowl: (Daredevil) Father Lantom somehow convinces Matt to volunteer as the arts-and-crafts teacher for Vacation Bible School. Honestly, isn't that all the recommendation you need?

In Search of Old Dreams by anaraine: (Labyrinth) Another short-but-sweet story focusing on Toby and his longing for a place and a person he barely remembers. This fic captures the magic and darkness of the movie so well. Plus, the writing's gorgeous. 
Tune My Heart to Sing Thy Grace by dynamicsymmetry: (The Walking Dead) A short, heartmeltingly adorable meeting between Daryl and Beth. This one's set around season 4, when everyone at the prison is trying to scrape together some sort of Christmas celebration and actually succeeding. Beth and Daryl have wonderful chemistry, and it's so refreshing to read a fic in this fandom where everybody's happy for once. 

It's Done

Jul. 29th, 2017 03:31 pm
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Aaaaaand I left myself a grand total of two days to smooth over the rough spots, but my Defenders Big Bang fic is FINISHED. 
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Whew! Sorry about my last few posts--they've been lackluster, mostly because I feel lackluster, or at least drained. Wrapping up the big bang fic is eating up all my motivation and inspiration, but I've finally cleared the minimum word count and things are starting to wind down towards an ending. Parts of this fic I love. Other parts I'm not wild over. But it's the longest thing I've written in years, and I still can't quite believe that I'm about to finish it. There's a quote--okay, calling it a "quote" is pretty strong; I think it's actually something Georgia from My Favorite Murder said--anyway, there's a line about how perfection isn't the point, but making things--even imperfect things--is. That's how I feel about this fic. Will it be perfect? Not even close. But who cares? It'll be there

Yeah, I'm a little emotional over this. Also really, really ready for it to be done. 

I've been making an effort to read more in order to combat the whole drained-of-any-extra-inspiration feeling. Just started Leviathan Wakes, the first book in The Expanse series. I'm up to chapter eight, and even though no single character has especially grabbed me yet, the worldbuilding's fantastic and I'm excited by the hints of deeper creepiness to come. Nonfiction-wise, I'm well into another Ann Rule book (Small Sacrifices). With both these books, I feel like I'm gulping down the main story without savoring (or even absorbing) most of the details. Oh, well. I can always reread, and at least I am reading; whenever I get deep into a fic I tend to forget to read enough. And then wonder why my all my inspiration is suddenly gone. 

(Also, Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero has been sitting on my desk's bookshelf since Christmas and somehow I've barely cracked the cover. This needs to change. Soon.)
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  • So, I think I've finally found a layout that's both pretty enough and simple enough to satisfy me. Maybe. I'm really flighty when it comes to DW layouts, but I also don't have the time to waste fiddling with another one. Hopefully this one will stick around for awhile. 
  • Writing's been going well this week. I'm this close to 10,000 words on the Defenders Big Bang fic; right I'm just hoping to finish it with a few days left over to do some rough editing. The basic plot's in place, but they're still gaps I could do a better job of filling in. Most of my other writing has been pushed to the side, but I'm still putting a little work into the fourth Pete fic, which I think will end up being a two- or three-parter.  
  • On Wednesday I made fresh peach cobbler using this recipe. I doubled the amount of lemon juice and didn't bother boiling the peaches. The filling came out delicious, but I wasn't as crazy about the crust; it was a bit too thick and cakey for my taste. Maybe next time I'll try this recipe's topping. 

500 Words

Jul. 17th, 2017 06:44 pm
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So. One of my newest (and, let's be honest, only) writing goals is to write 500 words of the Defenders Big Bang fic every day until it's finished. And so far that's been working pretty well. I have two weeks to go before the deadline, and only about 3,000 words until I clear the minimum wordcount (10,000 words). Depending on a routine instead of inspiration has helped me get back on track with this thing, and having a specific goal in mind helps me sit down and get it done without wasting time. Okay, I still do waste time. But maybe not as much time as I usually do. I should probably definitely try this with my other projects. It's one of those stupidly simple strategies that I should have thought of ages before now--which is probably why I never did. Oh well. I'm doing it now, and it's been a huge help.  
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So, I just got back from the theater and should wait until my thoughts have settled enough for me to write an actual review, BUT...Spider-Man: Homecoming was precious and adorable and so fresh and innocent and fun and good. Just a solid, hilarious, well-made movie. I've got to admit that it didn't quite knock GOTG Vol 2 down from its spot as my ultimate favorite Marvel film, but it absolutely lived up to the hype.

[Hopefully mild] spoilers under the cut )

In other news, I've had a lot of fun stuff going on this week, with not much time left over for writing. I'll hopefully get back on track either this weekend or next week, at the very latest; I'm absolutely aching to work on the fourth girl!Peter fic, and my Defenders Big Bang fic (which is due at the end of this month) needs some serious work.

New Fic

Jun. 24th, 2017 02:51 pm
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Title: Cute Little Buggers
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy
Rating: Teen & Up
Relationships: girl!Peter Quill & Yondu Udonta, little bit of girl!Peter Quill & Rocket Raccoon
Summary: Neither of them quite means for it to become a tradition, but it does. Pete steals shiny little doodads. Yondu collects them. Nobody mentions it.

So. My mission with this fic was to write something with a little less angst and a lot more fluff, and I'm not sure how well I succeeded. The last few paragraphs still ended up being kind of sad. Well, bittersweet. Hopefully. I see Peter and Yondu as both caring about each other very deeply, but, thanks to a boatload of emotional issues on both their parts, never really being able to come out and say it. So all my girl!Peter fics so far have involved some kind of issue with communication. I do like this one, though. I had a little trouble figuring out a theme that would tie all the plot points together (this was one of the projects I needed to take a break from for a few days). I think it all came together fine in the end, though. Also, now that Pete's a teenager, things are going to start getting really interesting....
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I can't believe it's almost July! I always start the summer off thinking I'll have plenty of time to write a billion stories and read a billion books...yeah, not so much. I am happy with what I've managed to get done so far, but there's always more that I could be doing....Oh well.

At this point I've seen GOTG Vol 2 in the theater a grand total of three times, which is kind of insane. I was not expecting to love this movie as much as I did, especially considering that I had a pretty lukewarm reaction to Vol 1; I liked it, but didn't get all that emotionally involved. Then along comes Vol 2 like a sucker punch to the gut. Going back to rewatch Vol 1 now, I like it much better, even though Vol 2 is still my favorite. They're dozens of little moments in both movies that I didn't pick up on until the second time around, and I can't get over how weird, goofy, and beautiful they are. Everything is bright and loud and a little cartoony, and it's all such a joy to watch. Also, Meredith Quill. The world needs more Meredith-centric fics, because that woman is a saint.  

But anyway. I doubt anyone needs to hear me blabbing about how great/amazing/so-good-just-go-see-it-already GOTG Vol 2 is again

Driving lessons are going pretty well. I'm getting more and more comfortable going up to 60 mph on the highway. That's a pretty big deal for me, seeing as the last time I got my learner's permit I was too nervous to go on the highway at all and pretty much just cruised around the neighborhood at a brisk 15 mph. Driving's always been something that's given me a ton of anxiety, but I've finally gotten to the point where I get that I just need to buckle down (hah) and get it done. 

My writing hit a rough spot a few days ago; I stalled out on two projects and couldn't make any headway at all. So I took a sort-of-break (worked on another fic that I'll probably never post; it was more of an exercise and a way to keep me writing) which I think helped a lot. It's always been hard for me to set something aside (even for just a few days) and accept that something about it isn't working right now, but that's much better than trying to fix something I can't necessarily fix--and that, nine times out of ten, doesn't need to be fixed, just left to percolate for a little bit.

Otherwise, things have been quiet around here. My life during the summer tends to get really boring really fast.  
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Just started catching up on The Walking Dead (I'm about midway through season 6) and good grief, have I missed this show. It's not perfect--to be honest, I liked the earlier seasons better (Side note: my sister and I are, as far as I can tell, two of the only people on the planet who liked season 2). Still, something about TWD keeps drawing me back. I love the creepy-Americana setting to pieces, the villains are usually complicated and sometimes even likable, and all those survivalist-found-family themes are pretty much crack to me. Obviously I've been searching AO3 for some new fics to read (The Walking Dead and The Lord of the Rings were two of the first fandoms that got me into reading fanfic), but I'm having a hard time finding stories that aren't especially shippy and focused more on the friendships within the group.

Writing-wise things have been going a little slowly, since my laptop's internet connection has been wonky for about a week. I just fixed it, so hopefully it'll hold long enough for me to get some stories finished. The third girl!Peter fic is almost done, and I REALLY need to up the word count on my Defenders Big Bang fic.

And, oh yeah, I was so busy whining in my last entry that I forgot to mention that over on Tumblr dis4daria has drawn an absolutely adorable and beautiful portrait of Pete from my girl!Peter series. It was a totally unexpected and wonderful surprise that you can see here
maplemood: (wendy) tricky and frustrating and never arrives on time, but I can't keep up work on a story without a little of it, at least at the start. Still, I don't always have the time or the energy to work on every single idea that pops into my head (and honestly only about a quarter of the ideas I get are workable once I try getting them down on paper) so right now I'm telling myself that it's okay to work on just one or two things at a time, and that I don't have to be constantly writing, or working on ten different stories at once. But I still have so much anxiety when it comes to productivity. Like, if I'm not writing those ten different stories, and if each one isn't perfect, I must be doing something wrong. Which is completely stupid and illogical. But it's how I feel right now.
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